Our goal is to make people’s lives more practical through functional clothing. Technology is a determining factor in our innovation process, which allows us to develop better products, saving and preserving natural resources and decreasing environmental impact. Thus, we transform the traditional fashion industry and people’s relationship with their wardrobe.

Our ESG goals for 2025

- Compensate carbon - as of October 2022, become 100% carbon neutral (products and processes);
- Reduce carbon footprint;
- Reduce water footprint;
- Promote the development of new sustainable raw materials;
- Increasingly apply circularity principles to processes and products;
- Have 100% of packaging from renewable, compostable and biodegradable sources;
- Have 100% of the supply chain audited and certified.

The first fully integrated, real-time, ESG platform to assess, measure and report ESG financial data within organizations and across sectors