This product is
100% made in Italy,
created with locally sourced
Italian botanicals and through
a sustainable distillation process.

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VII Hills was born in 2014 with the idea of promoting “Made in Italy” all around the world. Our Italian Dry Gin is distilled in Moncalieri, near Turin, within the historical distillery Torino Distillati.

VII Hills gin chooses to use 7 simple botanicals that represent the character of the Italian territory.

VII Hills enters 2020 with a great new initiative.

We have chosen to adopt the innovative blockchain technology to bring value and transparency to our customer.

At VII Hills we stand for Italian quality, from our ingredients to our brand culture. It therefore became increasingly important for us to find a way to showcase all of these values in a more complete and objective way. Blockchain is the answer we were looking for.

Blockchain is an online decentralized ledger that allows any user to share data and information with others in a permanent and unalterable way. 

VII Hills has partnered with a specialized tech provider in order to source all the relevant information regarding its production and make it available to you, the consumer. Within this product interface you will be enabled to understand where and how our Dry Gin is made, by browsing some of our company documentation on the Ethereum blockchain

We hope that this initiative will help you to further appreciate what we do and become even closer to the VII Hills family.

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