Stories Of Italy

Fine Italian Craft


With the Genuine Way blockchain system, Stories Of Italy publishes the information of its products. The certificates that certify the quality and transparency of this reality, have been permanently and publicly notarized on the blockchain.

Every piece has its own story

Cultural Heritage Of Italy

Stories of Italy is a Milan based brand and design studio that creates fine products steeped in traditional Italian craft.
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Here you will find all the details provided by Stories Of Italy for this product.

Scheda Tecnica Materie Prime
Etichetta Anarcardi
Processo produttivo
Scheda agricoltori e scheda tecnica
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Where does it come from?
We have traced the journey that the product has made, from producer to consumer.


Who We Are

Stories Of Italy

We have established strong relationships with local artisans who consider their job a lifetime vocation. Their work embodies a secular tradition that is still constantly developing, a treasure that distinguishes Italy as one of the most unique countries in the world.
Stories of Italy is proud to represent a small contribution to the preservation of Italian heritage, striving to keep traditions alive as well as giving them a place in modernity.

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Stories Of Italy chooses to use raw materials in its production.

Quality Garanteed
Premium Materials
Sustainable Packaging
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Stories Of Italy entered in the Genuine Way Ecosystem to self-certify its production on blockchain permanently.
By providing its consumers with the following information


etichetta anacardi ok[22].pdf
Liste coordonne e anacarde Coop Diassine Agricul.pdf
procédé de transformation de la noix de cajou_VERSION 2016.pdf
W320_22_ANACARDI BIO.pdf
PAP pre 10.05.2022.pdf
PAP imp 10.05.2022.pdf
notifica 26.09.2022.pdf
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These documents are notarized on a public blockchain

Blockchain is an online database that allows to make information publicly and permanently available. The supply chain information pertaining to this product is now stored on the blockchain, therefore more transparent towards you, the consumer.