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Every piece has its own story

Stories of Italy is a Milan based brand and design studio that creates fine products steeped in traditional Italian craft.
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All paper branded packaging, environmental-sensitive luxury packaging

Stories of Italy prioritizes sustainability in their packaging by utilizing all paper branded packaging. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by choosing materials that are eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. By opting for environmentally-sensitive luxury packaging, the brand ensures that their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products, promoting responsible consumption and environmental consciousness.

Handmade (care, uniqueness, signature, carefully single packed)
Stories of Italy embraces the essence of sustainable luxury through their handmade products. Each item is meticulously crafted with utmost care, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. This commitment to handmade production ensures the uniqueness of every piece, as no two are exactly alike. Additionally, the careful single packing of their products minimizes waste and emphasizes the brand’s dedication to providing an exclusive and personalized experience for each customer.
Preserving Italian heritage through reinvention and the use of colors and maximalism
Stories of Italy strives to preserve Italian heritage by reinventing traditional elements through the use of colors and maximalism. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Italy, the brand infuses vibrant colors and maximalist design elements into their luxury creations. This innovative approach allows them to pay homage to Italian craftsmanship while adding a contemporary twist. By blending tradition and modernity, Stories of Italy keeps the spirit of Italian heritage alive, creating sustainable luxury pieces that embody both timeless elegance and artistic reinvention.
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Stories of Italy chooses to use raw materials in its production.

  • Package Composition
  • Water-based printing
  • Carta velina/wrapping paper
  • Technical documentation for paper
Working with local suppliers
  • Supporting artisans and small industrial districts
  • Minimizing transportation through short distance and fewer shipments
Made to order production
  • Reduce waste for discontinued products
  • Optimizing production based on actual quantities
Stories of Italy ensures a sustainable supply chain by implementing various practices in their packaging. They prioritize package composition using materials that are environmentally friendly, such as recycled or biodegradable components. Water-based printing techniques are employed to minimize the use of harmful chemicals. They also carefully consider wrapping paper choices to align with sustainability goals.
Working with local suppliers

Stories of Italy values the importance of working with local suppliers, supporting artisans and small industrial districts. By collaborating with local craftsmen, they contribute to the preservation of traditional skills and craftsmanship. This approach not only helps sustain local economies but also fosters a sense of community and cultural heritage. Furthermore, working with local suppliers allows Stories of Italy to minimize transportation distances, reducing carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping and promoting sustainability.

Made to order production
Stories of Italy implements made-to-order production practices to establish a sustainable supply chain. By producing items based on customer demand, they can minimize waste and avoid overproduction. This approach significantly reduces the amount of discontinued products and excess inventory, which in turn decreases waste generation. By optimizing production based on actual quantities, Stories of Italy enhances their efficiency, resource utilization, and sustainability efforts, while ensuring that each product is made with care and intention.
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Where does it come from?
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    Venice Area

Who We Are

Stories of Italy

Stories of Italy is a Milan based brand and design studio that creates fine products steeped in traditional Italian craft. Inspiration is derived from the great archaeological, histori- cal and cultural heritage of Italy. Objects and symbols from a common past, translated in a contemporary way. The aesthetic is maximalist in colour, yet min- imalist in shape with a strong focus on Murano blown glass. Our works are conceived as aesthetically beautiful “every- day objects” that also act as tools of communication: every piece has its own story. We blend design, craft and art to capture the essence of the most iconic Italian traditions. We have established strong relationships with local artisans who consider their job a lifetime vocation. Their work embodies a secular tradition that is still constantly developing, a treasure that distinguishes Italy as one of the most unique countries in the world. Stories of Italy is proud to represent a small contribution to the preservation of Italian heritage, striving to keep traditions alive as well as giving them a place in modernity.
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