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Maakola combines exceptional fabric and data for a net positive future. Each product is certified to show that we stand behind this promise. 


Flora- The world is built on the intricate relationship between humans and nature. We are not separate entities, but rather part of a larger whole. Flora is a collection that honors the beauty in those complex exchanges, and the balance that is needed for our world to thrive.

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Circular means safe for your body and planet. Your item is circular by design, sustainably wrapped by nature and mae to last.

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Everything we produce is made from natural fibres in heritage fabrics of supreme quality, and luxurious feel. With a limit-edition made to order collection we ensure respectful and optimal use of all resources.


From fairness to equality

Machines don’t make our garments.
People do. The people who produced your item have done this in decent and safe working conditions and for a fair wage so they can invest in themselves and their loved ones.

All artisans we work with in Ghana and Italy have to adhere to our Code of Conduct and share our commitment to integrity, non-discrimination, freedom of association, mutual respect, and foundational human rights and we know each of them in person.


Clothes, like fibers, can build threads that we can wear or we can build.
Thread of Freedom take you on a journey that starts with the Ghanaian saleswomen more than a hundred years whose stories brought Wax Print fabrics to life.

Fashion is an expression of the culture it comes from and is an engine of narratives that define our time. We made sure that your item contributes to a world that respects history, promotes equitable prosperity, and helps build connections that matter.

Speaking their own language, clothes help us express who we are, as people. Maakola is here to help those stories be heard, making fashion humane again.


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longevity with purpose

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Are you using a desktop or a tablet?

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